About Lakeside Innovative Technologies

Thirty years ago the U.S. army rolled-out the popular recruiting slogan, “Be all that you can be, ‘cause we need you in the Army!” Thirty years ago Bob Hulchanski joined the army with that in mind, serving his country and learning skills that would last a lifetime. Bob was the top graduate of his machining school in the army and spent the last 24 years developing his management skills while setting up one of the largest and most successful machining operations in the state.

    Bob recognized his own entrepreneurial spirit and knew that one day he would strike out on his own. “I really wanted the American Dream, to build my own business, said Hulchanski. “This is my chance to use my skills from the army as a machinist and the army reserves as a drill instructor to help me succeed on my own.” With the encouragement and support of his former employer, Bob set out to re-introduce himself to the newest technologies in High Speed Machining and CAD-CAM to start his own CNC machine shop.

    Today, two shifts of Lakeside machinists manufacture parts on some of the fastest equipment in the state and ship products across the country to military, outdoors, electronics, medical and automotive equipment customers. Hulchanski’s shop floor is bursting at the seams with more than $2 million dollars’ worth of machine stations, and his latest equipment purchase of a 24,000 RPM Vertical CNC is the 13th new machine purchased in just 9 years. 

    For Bob Hulchanski, the American dream is unfolding before his eyes, striving once again to, “Be all that he can be.”